Experimental Biology 2012

Last week I was in sunny (actually, it rained) California for the Experimental Biology 2012 conference.  I was blogging on behalf of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB). I saw lots of interesting science, met a Nobel Laureate, had a good chat with other science communicators and shared a few copies of Au Science Magazine too.
Here’s a summary of what I got up to and some links, if you would like to read more! All the posts were on the Au Science Magazine website
I will be writing a few follow up posts too..



  1. I Must say you have set up a nice blog, I really liked it. I am impressed with the content.i have been to Durham a couple of times. Such a nice place. I used to live in Newcastle.
    Wish you all the luck for phD.


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