Heather Doran

My Monday to Friday role is in Public Engagement with Research at the University of Aberdeen. I am especially interested in how academic researchers can engage with the public online. 

This year I was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship which will take me to North America, China and Japan to explore how scientists are using online platforms to reach the public. 

Before starting my role in Public Engagement I completed a PhD in Molecular Pharmacology. While working for my doctorate I blogged about life as a PhD student and co-founded Au Science Magazine with a group of fellow students.  
In the past I have also made toothpaste, worked in retail and sold pies at Burnley Football Club. 
At home in Aberdeen, Scotland I am a member of the British Science Association Branch, co-founder and co-organiser of Aberdeen Skeptics in the Pub and a Trustee for the charity Millie's Trust.
If you want to contact me then I can be found at heather.doran@dunelm.org.uk 

If you want to hear about what I am doing on a 30 minute basis contact me on twitter (@hapsci)

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