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Does the PhD process need changing?

Just so you are aware, there is a conversation happening on the Nature Soapbox Blogs website and on twitter hashtag #phdelta about the PhD process and if it needs changing.

There are lots of reflections, thoughts and comments coming into the debate.

I have written a post about science communication and the PhD and this has sparked the question, should science communication activities be compulsory in a PhD? You can read it here.

Also, I spotted this fab post about why blogging during the PhD is good and how to get started :-)

Join twitter. If you need help getting started with twitter, this might be useful !

For Nails Carl Sagan Would Be Proud Of

I've started a Pinterest board for 'fashion inspired by science' you can see it here.

The first thing I came across was these 'galaxy nails'. As the video says, 'nails Carl Sagan would be proud of'

 I had my own bash at 'galaxy nails'. I think a little practice is needed but they do look a bit 'spacey'

Next up, I came across Jayne @cosmeticproof who is a scientist herself. I think my favourite are these DNA nails!

                                      Source: via hapsci on Pinterest

Next are these intricate beauties of 'Volvox, Amoeba, Trypanosoma, Euglena and Paramecium'! By @Fleuryrosenails

                                                          Source: via hapsci on Pinterest

I'm not sure my hands are quite steady enough for anything that intricate, but I might attempt some cell cytoskeleton/ actin inspired nails!
Put your science on your fingertips! #seemyscience