New Scientist

This is my first experience at blogging, so to tell you a bit about myself.

I am a new scientist, I started a PhD in Medical Sciences about 4 months ago. I gave up a good job and moved 500 miles in the pursuit of love and freedom... (very sad but true and the translation of that statement is - I moved to be nearer my boyfriend and away from a job that was working me 10hrs a day and the odd weekend).

I currently spend a lot of time sat at my desk wondering what I should be doing and thinking up elaborate goals and experiments that I won't be able to do. If I am not doing that I am on facebook or planning a ridiculous holiday experience that I have neither the time or money available to go on.

I do spend some time in the lab, mostly getting lost!

I have seen online quite a few blogs about science/PhDs etc and it seems to me all people do is moan (my boyfriends theory is that people, "don't go on the internet to say nice stuff"). I am a pretty positive person and can stay happy throughout many a drama, so hopefully my blog will make people smile or maybe it will be a story of the slow decline of a happy person to one with no social skills, friends or ability to smile as 3 years as a PhD student has worn me down, let's see!



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