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Blogging has taken a back seat recently, whilst I along with a team of others at the University of Aberdeen launched a new science themed magazine.

I think I am in a very lucky position here at the University of Aberdeen. I mentioned this idea of a science magazine last September to the public engagement team and since then they have very kindly sent anything they came across (including people, interviews, events, stories) in my direction. I organised a meeting with 5 others that had mentioned creating a science magazine to the public engagement team. We met, clicked and then set on a mission to create the magazine. Without working as a team this would have been impossible.

We have written stories that we think are interesting, but the science is not over-hyped. We do not shout about the latest cure for cancer, but we discuss how compounds in the cannabis plant are being tested for their therapeutic potential. We do not say there is life on Mars but we do talk about how we are exploring the possibility that there is life in space. We also explore links between art and science, the life of a researcher and have a bit of fun with Helen Keen.

It has taken A LOT of work and we have had a few setbacks (mainly bank account related) but we have done it and we have launched our magazine. It will be available in communal areas of the University of Aberdeen but also across Aberdeen city in bookshops, coffee shops etc (including Waterstones and the Satrosphere).

You can find Au (get it?) here on twitter @ausciencemag and on facebook

We are really interested in what people think, so please fill out our survey (accessed by clicking on the picture of mars on the homepage).


  1. That's such a brilliant idea! We can't even get a science page in our college paper...

  2. Well that was the original plan, but it didn't work out that well. So we did it on our own! If you can bring a good team together and get everyone on the same page then things just happen :-)


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