Happy Scientists

It's Friday and although I will be working over the weekend, I am feeling pretty cheerful. Lab life can get you down sometimes, a never ending stream of failed experiments, things to do, late nights, early mornings and a lack of appreciation. Personality clashes, politics and unwanted work are themes from any work life.

But, sometimes, labs can be the most fun place to be, a source of comedy, fun and practical jokes. 

Here are some things that have made me SMILE and kept me HAPPY over the past 2.5 years. The people you work with can keep you going.  Please share your sad times and good times (practical joke tales encouraged) and keep laughing.

When it all goes horribly wrong (does it get any worse than boiling western blots with students?!).......

Someone might give you a special gift

Look away!

You might win a prize

Supervisors can make or break you....

Someone always has cake

You never know when your desk might get covered in balloons

The badge everyone wants...


  1. During my MRes I had to rinse some microarray sides in a solution that had to be warmed to and kept at 70 degree's. There were square dishes which the slide holders fitted into perfectly, however I only discovered these square dishes were not pyrex when it exploded during the heating process, and all the solution spilt all over the heating pad-hissing and spitting so EVERY1 cld see what a HUGE mistake I had made :(

  2. This post started a conversation about #sciconfessions on twitter... and then was picked up a year later. There are now hundreds of #sciconfessions on twitter and all well worth a read :-)


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