Friday Favourites

A round up of the best things that I have discovered online this week. Covering everything from posts on public engagement with research, how we use social media and other good stuff.

I posted this week about 'digital detoxing'. If you missed it, you can read it here.

1) LIFESAVING TOOL: Unroll me A lifesaver for anyone with an inbox overflowing with subscriptions. Sign up and collate your 1000s of daily emails into one easily readable digest. In a week it's made me a happier person. (And it's calmed all of my friends down as they don't need to get stressed out at the 11512905 unread email notification on my phone.)


2) ONLINE DISCUSSION: Socializing Scholarly Communications 
A panel discussion about science blogging and scientists' use of social media that took place this week at the Advancing Research Communication and Scholarship conference in Philadelphia (#arcs2015)  A great overview of what is taking place right now online and what the future might hold. Including comments on how we might make online communications less risky for individual scientists.

3) VIDEO: The otterly fabulous Pantanal.
Follow the adventures of @ginazoo as she explores Brazil. Her YouTube channel is a quest to show the natural world from different perspectives. SPOILER ALERT. This video features a baby Capybara and an OTTER.

4) EVENT: Codethecity Aberdeen is back 20-21 June theme, ENVIRONMENT
No need to know anything about coding to get involved. Just a will to make the city better and create potential solutions to problems. It's free, the people involved are fantastic. Make some new friends.
5) ARTICLE: Today I Found Out reveals the truth about who invented the tea bag. A fantastic website that questions the assumed and challenges what we think we know.
6) BLOG: Follow postgrad @postgradfran as she reinvents what student food is all about on her blog 'SEASONED STUDENT'. This week she's created a revision food fortune teller. Because why would you waste time on thinking about what you are going to make for dinner when you have exams to revise for?
7) OFFLINE: I tried some mealworms as a mid morning snack at #QEDCON These were handed out as part of a presentation delivered by Professor Marcel Dickie from Wageningen University. He spoke about how insects might be the answer to food sustainability across the globe. Here's a video of my experience. They taste much better than they look.

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8) PHOTO: Work friends got me this mug. I love rabbits and this mug is making me happy.
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  1. Loving your pictures and the really unique way you have put your story across - you're an inspiration and I am following your journey - except the mealworms! awesome work!


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