A Newsletter for Science Communication

I've been thinking about how to use my blog and online spaces. I spend a lot of time consuming science communication and public engagement news, updates and discussion across all of the social networks. I have little time to blog but I realised that there is a big gap - as nowhere pulls all of this news and information together regularly. 

So, I am launching a newsletter for science communication news. 

The aim is to bring together science communication news from around the globe, including events, journal articles, events and podcasts. 

It's for anyone that practices science communication or studies it or has any vague interest in it whatsoever. 

You can sign up here. It's free. It will be in plain text. It will work on mobile. Simple! 

The first newsletter will arrive on Tuesday 29 Sept. Then it will be weekly from that point. 

I've been quiet as I am returning to work from maternity leave. Stepping away from work always allows some time to reflect. I have also been spending less time at a screen. I want a new way to pull together news from science communication and so this newsletter is as much for me as it is for everyone else. I am also very open to suggestions and input. 

So please get in touch! 


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