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Gender divide in science, what can we do?

An article on the Guardian website offers advice as to how to reduce the gender divide in science subjects and how to best teach science to girls. There are a number of problems with the article, nicely outlined by @soozaphone in this blog post . In summary of the article, it was an amalgamation of some US government advice from a large study, some data from recent test results (US) and some strange tips and opinions from 'experts' about how best to teach science to girls, although it isn't entirely clear who provided which pieces of information and advice. For an overview of an evidence based approach to encouraging both genders in science subjects (and recognising potential differences) see this post by Chris Chambers and Kate Clancy in the Guardian . I believe it needs to be a collaborative effort across society with many small changes that may, slowly create an impact.  Kate and Chris  discuss here  how challenging  societal constraints and  identifying  and  ad