Bring Back Board Games

I LOVE board games. I get aggressive, grumpy and bossy (but I NEVER cheat, despite what my family say). A couple of years ago I found this beauty of a board game on Ebay, NORTH SEA OIL (I think it is from the 70s). I bought it for my boyfriend (who works in the oil industry) -

It is FANTASTIC. It's like oil Monopoly. It has mini oil rigs and real life oil situations (bad weather = no oil production).

Board games have always been 'big' in my family... we have this one 'ESCAPE FROM COLDITZ'.. for a million years, although we have no idea how to play it. Our Monopoly board was bought by my Grandma when she was a teenager (she likes to tell us every time we play) with real metal pieces...

I usually buy a board game for Christmas, the weirder the better.. here are some suggestions from the lovely people on my Twitter feed. They all look FAB.

LOOPING LOUIE - some kind of crazy German game where you fly 'Louie' round a crazy obstacle course... (@sulsatweets)

UCKERS - Like 'Combat Ludo' - (@mrtotes)

THE GRAPE - You are your own wine grower (what's not to love!?) Even has it's own Facebook page (although only 5 'likes') (@don_frank)

DUNGEON QUEST, with a very reassuring 15% survival rate... (@Astronick)

SETTLERS OF CATAN Comes with high praise from @hollyjunesmith and @anclag !

Board games can be great fun (and can be very cheap).. Just get on ebay, type in 'board game' and hit 'ending soonest'. The weirder, the better.


  1. Woo, I love boardgames too! We have a load of random games from the 70s, as well as French Monopoly which is hilarious as you argue over translations of Community Chest cards!

    If you want a brilliant family game check out Survive! where everyone is trying to escape from a sinking island by rowing tiny boats through shark-infested waters.

    For lots of good boardgaming stuff check out Shut Up & Sit Down ( and the irregular board gaming column Cardboard Children on Rock, Paper Shotgun (

    Have you been into Plan 9 on Rosemount Viaduct?

  2. Gotta love a good board game. The Pond family love them, especially at Christmas. Risk, Funny Fits, Monopoly and the Crystal Maze game are just a few in our collection.

    You need to check out the Crystal Maze one-

  3. I used to love board games, and we had quite a few of them, but I ended up playing most of them on my own because my sister was such a big cheating bastard and mum could never remember the rules.

    You might want to watch/read shut up and sit down - a thing by two very clever personages who know lots of things about games. They write words down, and then say them to a camera and make it go on the internet. There's probably a name for that. It's here:

  4. Ooh some great suggestions!! Thanks!

    I used to have to try and play games on my own too (mostly because my sister
    was well grumpy) I feel your pain lonelyasamushroomcloud P.S. in Aberdeen the Brewdog pub has some fab games!!

  5. One of the best New Years' of my life was spent in with friends, drinking wine and playing a game called something like "Animals on the Underground" (or "Magic Pigeon" as a pleasing synechdoche). The story is that all the animals from London ZOo have espcaped, and the players - as zoo keepers - have to travel round the tube map collecting back up their errant wards, all aided by the aforementioned mystical flying vermin. It's cracking. Can't find it on the interwebs though :(

  6. I spoke too soon!

  7. @luciemussett that sounds amazing I will have to try and get my hands on one!

  8. I remember Escape from Colditz! What a blast from the past. I also remember in the dim and distant past a space age game where the board was just a starfield and you moved around with a horse-shoe shaped scoop thing picking up pegs! Can't for the life of me remember the name, and google isn't helping.

    For more modern entertainment I thoroughly recommend The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game. Hours of fun making your friends horse fall at hedges, and then stealing all their winnings at the end of a race!

  9. If you live in Aberdeen there is an excellent game called 'coppit'

    Some of the hats are missing..


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