'Careers' in Science Communication

Last week I was invited to speak at a Biomedical careers event at the University of Aberdeen about Careers in Science Communication. I thought others might find the presentation useful (especially some of the links) so I have included it below.

I put a post out on twitter for gif's and images that encapsulated the 'field' of science communication. The brilliant Matthew from Errantscience.com created these two gems.

I only had a limited amount of time for the talk so I gave a little background about what I did as a student (Editor and co-founder of Au Science Magazine) and how I have worked at science festivals and present the Talking Science radio show with the team in my current role.

I spoke about the field in general, how there isn't really a 'career path' and that there is a large variety in styles and types of communication. My presentation links to  lots of resources and sources for people that were interested, including  Julie Gould's great resource, 'Speaking of science', where you can find case studies from people in the science communication field and Jo Brodie's excellent @scicommjobs list.

It's important for students (and scientists) to know that the skills involved in science communication are extremely useful if you are planning on applying for other fields after your degree and if you wish to continue in research.

I thought people might find the presentation useful (especially some of the links). So here is the Prezi I used. It includes a cartoon astronaut.


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