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I am compiling a list of interesting skeptic people/events/blogs to post on the Aberdeen Skeptics in The Pub Facebook site. I am giving a talk about other Skeptic groups, activism and the role of Skeptics in The Pub (if there is one) for our next event.  A lot of the people that come to Aberdeen Skeptics in the Pub are not on Twitter and I wanted to give out a list of skeptics 'things'. This is what I have so far - please help me grow the list!

The Skeptic Guide: Home of The Skeptic (magazine), blog, skeptic news & events (lists all Skeptics in the Pubs in the UK and abroad)


There are Skeptic events in Dundee (, Glasgow ( and Edinburgh ( also for independent skeptical news and commentary in Scotland.

Aberdeen Skeptics in The Pub - Follow the
Facebook page for events and news.

Twitter is a great way of sharing ideas and for up to the minute news. People often tweet from conferences and events, so if you can't make it you can always follow what is going on. There are plenty of active skeptics on twitter, which stimulates a lot of discussion! 

Follow #sitp for general skeptic events/news/info

Follow me for tweets about Aberdeen Skeptics in the Pub (@hapsci)


QEDcon - Skeptic conference in Manchester in Feb (

Aberdeen events:

Uncaged Monkeys
: 8th May 2011 (Robin Ince, Professor Brian Cox, Dr Ben Goldacre and Simon Singh)

Word Festival: University of Aberdeen festival (May 2011)

Cafe Scientifique/Cafe Controversial/Cafe Med: Series of talks given by researchers and experts about all different areas of science.

Some interesting blogs and things:
Eu:Sci - University of Edinburgh Science magazine, some really great stories and writing, all published online.  Twitter @Eusci Ben Goldacre's Blog (also has a message board forum) Twitter: @bengoldacre

Through the Looking Glass - - A blog by Alice Bell a Senior Teaching Fellow: Science Communication at UCL (also does other science communication work). Twitter: @alicebell

The Lay Scientist - Martin Robbins writes for The Guardian Twitter: @mjrobbins

The Geek Manifesto - - Mark Henderson (Science editor at
The Times) is  writing a book about science and politics (the disconnect between the two and consequent policy failures) . It’s called The Geek Manifesto. He is looking for contributions and will be posting questions and thoughts via this blog. Twitter: @markgfh

The Welsh Boyo - - Updates from Rhys Morgan about skepticism and MMS #bleachgate. Twitter @Rhysmorgan (see also @superwooduo for Rhys podcast) 

Gimpy's blog - 'inane witterings and badscience' from 'gimpy' sometimes a little controversial, but good. Twitter @gimpyblog

Cardiff SITP organisers blog at and

Science, reason & critical thinking: Twitter: @crispian_jago

Purely a figment of your imagination: Twitter: @noodlemaz (also part of @superwooduo)

Science Punk : Twitter: @sciencepunk

Dr Petra (likes to talk about SEX) : Twitter: @DrPetraOther Twitterers worth a follow for science and skepticism @JDMoffatt, @xtaldave, @penguingalaxy, @endless_psych (The 21st Floor and Edinburgh Skeptics), @scottama (organiser of Dundee and Glasgow Skeptics), @janisbennion, @MrMMarsh (Merseyside skeptics), @scientistmags, @christheneck (birmingham skeptics), @harrison_peter and many, many more!


  1. Hi Heather,

    How about linking to the JREF:
    Also, how about skeptical/'sciencey' youTube channels?
    Here's a few I would recommend:

    Looking forward to our next talk!

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for the link to The Skeptic Magazine. Proud to appear in the list.

    CafeSci is seconded.

  3. Thanks Brian, I will include those on the list. See you on the 27th!

  4. How about some podcasts? SGU, Pod Delusion, Little Atoms...

  5. Any idea how we can get a page up on the "Skeptics in the Pub network" that many other SITP groups use - as here with Dundee ?

  6. I think it is a case of just asking for a website and then setting one up. Something we have been meaning to do but not quite got round to it yet... They do have a link to the Facebook website on there.


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