Social Media and the PhD

I am a social media lover. I love using twitter, facebook and I am even getting the hand of Google +.. 

In November I am going to be speaking at the PhD Journey conference (set up by students, for other students)  in Aberdeen about social media and the PhD. 

I have done a number of things that simply would not have happened if social media did not exist. Like being invited to be an official blogger at an international conference (that also helped me raise money to attend the conference, and present some of my research work). I have also been able to keep up to date with research and network using social media.

I wanted to share a couple of ways in which using social media can help during the PhD. Including the use of support networks like #phdchat, #ecrchat and twitter journal clubs. 

I don't want to bore people with stories just about me so I wanted to know if people were willing to share any of their success stories, or find out what/why people have difficulties with using social media during their PhD.

If you are willing to share anything, you can leave a comment or email me :-) 


(This is a brief begging post, the thesis is still ongoing and is taking up the vast majority of my life but I am very nearly finished...)


  1. just a few off the top of my head:
    - getting useful advice and examples on how to make a poster for a conference when i needed it
    - connecting through email with researchers worldwide on my topic: mostly sharing my experimental data with the numerical folks
    - tons of advice from other blogs, #phdchat, #acwri, #ecrchat (I'm in a research-only track so it gets lonely by times + limited guidance on the general research skills here: I got all info from blogs, books and chats)
    - some fun stuff: becoming blogger for TEDxDelft, getting to review software, being interviewed for umpty reasons at my university (also got nominated as one of the highlights in civil engineering because of my pioneering in social media here)

    1. Those are all fantastic! Thanks for sharing Eva :-)

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